Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stash Update

Alright, here's a quick update on my Stash-Busting Challenge.

Now this may look like a lot of progress in a short amount of time, but remember I started this before I even heard about the challenge.

Starting weight of Sugar 'n Cream yarn only: 3191g

Baby Blanket

Here is the baby blanket I am making for a friend's new little girl.

I'm following the pattern for Dainty Baby Blankie from Premier Yarns, except that I won't be doing a border, and I'm going to be adding a hood. I just love hoodie baby blankets.

I'm using the Ombre Potpourri yarn for this blanket (whose colour is closer to the first three pictures). It's a little more than halfway done with at this point, not counting the hood.

Some Wash/Dishcloths

And here are the little cloths I'm working on, the yellow ones which are not yet finished.

The all purple one is just double crochet, for when I was testing out the bauble stitch. I don't care for how it turned out, but that's okay, I was just practicing.

As for the other three, I'm using the pattern from Theresa Grant for Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths that I downloaded from Ravelry. I really love that stitch for dishcloths! And I really love adding some bauble stitches!

Total Update

So all together I have used about 765g worth of my Sugar 'n Cream stash. Good start I guess! That blanket sure is taking up a lot of that weight, but I'll be doing mostly cloths from all this. Those end up weighing less than 90g each I believe, so hopefully I'll have tons of cute cloths to show off soon!

I hope my fellow stash-busters are doing well!