Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Stash Update #3 - Crochet Tool Kit!

I'm really pleased with this week's update! My crocheted-crochet-caddy turned out really well, and it's been so much fun to use so far. Plus, it's actually fully completed. Unlike any of my cloths.

If you remember, I was inspired to make a hook holder when I saw two amazing ones on Pinterest. So, I decided to make my own using some of my Sugar 'n Cream stash - and some embroidery floss!

The edges were straight until I had to use my special sewing skills to attach things...

Part 1. The Base

This was really just a practice holder, so I didn't get too fancy here. The base is made up solely from double crochet stitches. Plus, I went back and added a stripe of slip stitches because I thought all that blue looked a little plain.

(forgot a picture for this step... you can see the stripe I am talking about in one of the below pictures)

Part 2. The Hook Holder

Now for this piece I did follow the instructions from the OMG! caddy. It's just your basic shell stitch, done until it's the length of your base piece. Then, you sew it straight down the middle into your base. Sadly, any form of sewing is my great weakness, and I somehow sewed down my shell piece so it was too short, and now the whole thing kind of bunches a little. Oh well.

Once you are all finished with the holder, your hooks slide right into the natural holes in your shell strip. Oh and the scissors fit nicely too.

Part 3. The Needle Holder

Once again, it was straight until I attached it.

I had fun with this piece. After I finished sewing down the hook holder, I thought,

Hey, this embroidery floss would make a beautiful little crochet piece.

So I took out my B hook and got to work making a swatch of single crochets, using 4 of the 5 strands of floss. I used up the entire length of it, and it turned out to be about 2.25x1.5 inches. Then I just sewed down the edges to attach it, and it works perfectly for holding my tapestry needles!

Part 4. The Measuring Tape Pouch

I love this one. It turned out exactly as I imagined it. I took my hook holder yarn and made just a quick little rectangle of triple and single stitches. Then I sewed down all but the top edge. Next I made two rows of stitches, the last one being dc, dc, dc, sk 2, dc tc in same stitch, tc dtr tc in same stitch, tc dc in same stitch, sk 2, dc, dc, dc.

Oh look, I've learned enough about crocheting to accomplish something simple that I want without having a pattern to go off of. Hooray!

Anyway, then I sewed down just one edge (the starting chain), and it now functions as a little flap. I attached a button to the pouch, and it easily slips between my tc and dtr stitches to close up.

Part 5. The Stupid Front Button Closure

Remember how I mentioned sewing was my weakness? Yeah, this button is barely hanging on even though I used tons of thread, and managed to wind up in the wrong place. Plus, I couldn't keep anything on my piece that would grab onto the button and close everything up.

Finally, after multiple failed techniques, I just attached a string of yarn to one side of the base, and I wrap it around the button when I want it to close. Not the prettiest thing in the world, and the button is probably going to fall off soon, but it kind of works for now. At least the button is beautiful and square.

In Hindsight

Since this was just a field-tester tool case, I'm very pleased with how well it actually turned out. Though when I make my permanent one out of felted yarn, I'll definitely make it larger. Insanely larger. And the hook holding strip will be made out of a much finer yarn, because some of my hooks slip right through this worsted weight piece.

The spirit of the measuring tape pouch will stay the same, because I love how that is working. Same with my tapestry needles. I will probably have to figure out something else for the scissors when I use a finer yarn, but I don't know yet. Also, I'm going to eventually need a gauge checker, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

And, maybe I'll be better at sewing by then. Probably not.

Stash Update

Well, this project ended up using only 76g of yarn. Plus, I've added a whopping 50g onto my baby blanket. But then, Michael's had another Sugar 'n Cream sale, so... I bought 284g worth of new yarn. Whoops. That puts me at -158 for this week.

It feels nice to have one completed project though! All my dishcloths are still sitting around with their unwoven ends slithering about, and my blanket seems like it will never be large enough, so I appreciate this one finished piece of work.

Congratulations to everyone who seems to be actually working through their stash! I'll catch up with you at some point.