Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Stash Update #5 - Starfish Washcloths

Hello again! I just got back from a weekend trip and I'm tired, but I'm here for a quick stash-busting update. (Sorry it's going to be quick and sloppy)

This time I've got some starfish washcloths to show you!

Don't mind the toilet in the background, just look at the pretty cloths. They are of course made with just my Sugar 'n Cream yarn, and they weigh 33 and 35 grams, respectively.

I hooked these by this pattern from Red Heart, and found myself really hating their written instructions. You'd be surprised to know how many different ways I can interpret "...5 times, working 2 sts in previous point, 1 st in sc in ring and last 2 sts in opposite edge" before I actually get it right. I found myself wishing for a regular symbol pattern to follow!

As for my other projects, I finally finished weaving in that bauble towel/cloth:

Ta-daa. This was done before I knew how to properly "crochet evenly around," but oh well. It still manages to be cute. Plus, it's heavy; I added another 25 grams onto it from the last time you saw.

Totals and What's Next

So these put me at a total of 93 grams for this update! Although in reality I have stitched more than that, but my next cloth isn't ready to show yet. I'll tell you about it next time. As for now, I'm going to relax.

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