Friday, January 25, 2013

Crochet Stash-Buster Challenge

So how long did it take all you crochet "hookers" out there to build up a sizable stash of yarn?

It really didn't take me very long at all. Shortly after I began, my guy and I took a trip by train to Portland, and... well, lets just say I needed to buy an extra luggage bag to fit all my new yarn (and other stuff too though!)

Then, only a week ago, my stash exploded again. Michael's, whose daily deals and weekly coupons I follow religiously, had a huge sale on their entire stock of Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

So naturally, I bought about fifty skeins of that yarn. And a few other types that just happened to fall into my basket. And then I went back again the next day for more.

My boyfriend isn't pleased with my new yarn hoarding. (Even though he threw in some extra yarn during that Michael's trip!) Such a strange man.

But just yesterday, I was visiting my local yarn shop to replace a wooden crochet hook that my mom's dog chewed up, and they had a new Bamboo/Silk yarn! Finally! I just looooove bamboo silk yarn, but I have yet to let myself buy any. Even then, staring at the new pretty supply, I stayed strong. I told myself that I had to make good progress on all my Sugar 'n Cream washcloths and blankets that I'm planning before I could buy new yarn.

Man, that was hard. It's hard even talking about it. Especially since I'm pretty sure that yarn had a sale sign above it... I'm not sure though. It can be difficult to tell in that store.

But anyway, this all has a point. I was blog hopping yesterday, and came across this lovely link-up Challenge:

Linda's Crafty Corner - see sidebar for link

Basically the challenge is just what it sounds; several crocheters pledging to make a dent in their stash this year, and sharing their wonderful progress every week/month.

So this sounds just perfect to me. I'm already planning on working through my stash, and this way I get to stay in the world of blogging as well. I know I've been ignoring this blog lately; it's hard to be crafty when you are stowing away in your parents' spare bedroom for nearly a year... yes that is just an excuse and I know it, but it's also a truth. However, my boyfriend and I should be finally purchasing our new home next month, if we don't run into any more problems; then, look out blogging world!

Anyway, back to the challenge. I'll have a set day every week - probably Sunday - where I'll show you my Sugar 'n Cream stash projects. Get ready to look at loads of washcloths each week.

This isn't even close to all of my Sugar 'n Cream yarn, as I had already been working through it.

Look, my new camera has a nifty watercolour effect

Look, my camera also adds sparkles to my pretty yarn

And in between my posts, follow that link and check out all the other bloggers with their progress! I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of exciting projects from them all.

I'm coming for you, bamboo silk yarn.....


  1. OOOh what a great mound of Sugar n Cream...its more difficult to get hold of in the UK but it all looks fab when I see it in people's projects...looking forward to seeing what you make with it

    1. Hey Ali!

      Oh no, poor UK! I'd be very sad if I couldn't get ahold of it here. :(

      Do you crochet/knit too?

  2. Yes I too like the look of that yarn but have never come across it here. I would love some no!...I'm supposed to be stash busting, I'm looking forward to seeing your projects Ashley, welcome to the challenge :)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to be participating. Ha that is the problem though; looking at everyone's stashes is making me want to buy more yarn! ;)

  3. Wow, you have a serious amount of yarn ! I have loved your post 'learning to crochet'. Good luck with the stash-buster challenge !

    1. Hello there, thanks for dropping by! I see on your blog that you have decided to join the challenge with us; hooray! I look forward to seeing how it goes!