Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stash Update #6: Bow Earwarmer

I don't feel I should be having cold ears in May. Unfortunately, it's been happening nonetheless. And when I'm being good and out running, I'm already miserable enough without adding frozen, aching ears to the mix. Thus, I decided to crochet myself some ear protection!

This was a really simple project to do, and I finished it in just a few (distracted) hours. Here's what I did!

  • Grabbed some Sugar 'n Cream Yarn in an energizing colour! (I used what was leftover from one of my starfish washclothes, and had just the perfect amount)
  • Chain 73
  • Hook rows of half double crochet, stitching into the extra loop that hdc makes, until it reached my desired width. (thanks Jenn; check out her scarf post for stitch details if you wish)
  • Marvel at how big my head must be to need all this yarn.
  • Joined the two ends with a tapestry needle, weaving in the strands of course.
  • Looped a string of yarn around and around the join to hide it, as well as create a cute little bow effect (would have been more prominent if I wanted the band to be wider). Weaved in those ends as well!

That's all there is too it. Very simple, and works up fast. Plus, it used up 33g of my stashed yarn - as well as getting rid of a mostly-used-up ball. Hooray!

I now fully expect the weather to warm up, out of spite. Little does it know that I don't want to use an ear warmer in May.


  1. Cool (!!) idea Ashley!
    The best designs are born out of necessity! However I agree ear warmers in May are an unwelcome wardrobe essential!!
    Hope the temperature increases soon and you can save your elegant ear warmers for autumn!
    Love the colours!
    Ali x

    1. When I first bought these yarns, I thought it might annoy me having different colours throughout that I couldn't control... but I've found that I absolutely love it. I get so excited every time a colour change happens that I can't help smiling to myself. ;)

    2. My kinda yarn...I go for as many colours as possible - and if they are plain I sometimes put two together...all adds to the excitement!
      Ali x