Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY Stock Paper Envelopes

Hello everyone! I've got a simple project to share with you today; you may already have the things you need lying around the house.

But if you don't? I suggest going to Michael's! But then, I always do that.

Wait for it...

Michael's always has such pretty stock paper in their store, and it seems to go on sale every month. I always wished I had a reason to buy some.

I also wished I had better envelopes to send my friends' letters in...


Eventually, I realized that the two wishes were connected. So I loaded up on about 150 12x12 open stock papers of all different designs and colours!

Cutting the Envelope

As it turns out, these papers are just the right size to produce one of the typical square envelopes. If you have a steady hand and some patience, you can just unfold an existing envelope and follow the cuts you have to make yourself.

I despise using scissors, so I turned instead to my Cricut. Now, I don't have an envelope template for that machine, and I was very against spending $30-$50 to get one. Luckily I figured I could just build what I needed, with some finesse and expertly placed rectangles and triangles.

A few failures and lots of math later, I had forced my Cricut to create the perfect envelope. I would show you exactly how, but I'm not sure if that's against some kind of law - showing off ways to make envelopes without buying the proper cartridge. If anyone knows, feel free to quote rules at me (common sense informs me that it's fine, but that can never be trusted).

However you make your envelope, the process is still simple. Cut out the shape like so:

And then fold it up!

After that you just need to glue it down. I use my amazing glue pen from - where else - Michael's! The glue is blue while wet and permanent, and fades to clear as it dries to become tacky and reusable. I glue three sides with blue, and leave the top flap open to dry clear, pushing it closed when the envelope is ready to be sent.

Here are some completed pictures!

I also use my Cricut to cut out fancy address labels, but I keep writing on them before I remember to take pictures. That part can be done however you want though, so I gave up on label pictures.

Do You Still Write Letters?

There you have it! Simple project... for a fading method of communication. But I still love writing letters to people, and some of my friends enjoy writing back. Plus, I like to think fun envelopes make the mail carrier smile.

What about you? Do you enjoy taking time to write the people you care about?


  1. Your envelopes look really cool Ashley and I love the way you used what you had for a pattern - my thoughts exactly these days!
    I LOVE writing letters and sending things through the post - although I'm not as prolific as I'd like to be!
    Hooray for homemade and handwritten!!
    Ali x

    1. I'm glad to hear you enjoy written letters as well! I finally received one in return from one of my post-challenged friends the other day, and it made me so happy!