Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days off Your Duff {Day 27} - A Berry Cream Treat

Have I mentioned I sometimes hate being lactose intolerant?

This little dessert/drink/snack thing is so delicious, but my stomach always hurts afterwards.... definitely worth it, but not all the time.

For those lucky people who can, go enjoy this!

Here it is

So amazing.

I'll take better pictures the next time I make it... this one is old.
But they don't make this drink taste any worse, so it's okay.

And so, so simple. Just four ingredients:

- Half -n- Half
- Frozen Raspberries
- Mint Leaves
- Sugar

Start with a pretty cup (it tastes better! It does!) and fill it just an inch or so from the top.

Plop in your frozen raspberries.

Pour some fine grain sugar on top... some days I don't add any, some days I add lots. Whichever you are up for!

Tear up and add some fresh mint leaves! I just did that part over the summer, and man was it the perfect addition!

Done! Enjoy with a long, fancy spoon.

Now get off your duff and make one of these! Now!

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