Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days off Your Duff {Day 20} - Fudge Brownies

Yum, fudge brownies always sound delicious. Sadly though, they too often just taste like cake.

One of my friend's mothers made good fudge brownies once, and I think she used pudding, but I'm not really sure.

So one day I decided I was sick of the un-aptly named brownies, and would make my own correct version!

I don't even have exact measurements or times to tell you; it was all very experimental. I can tell you I made a simple brownie recipe from scratch, and a simple fudge recipe from scratch. And I mixed them together so they formed one perfect food.

First, I got the brownies made and cooking. Then, using my warped concept of recipe time, I tried to make the fudge so that it would just be ready to set as I pulled the brownies out of the oven. Shockingly, I mostly succeeded on that! Mostly.

My fudge was made on the stovetop, and is supposed to cook until it starts thickening up. Then you put it in the fridge to set. The brownies, you pull out while they are still just a little underdone, because they continue to cook for a few minutes. This was my goal; to mix the two together while they were each in their respective "setting" stage.

So, I simply scraped and pulled the brownies out of the pan and into another container, poured lots of fudge into them (but kept the majority of it brownie), and mashed it all together. Then I did put them in the fridge to set, even though I like warm brownies.

After all of this hurried work, I had success! My fudge brownies were delicious! I have to work out a few kinks here and there, but this is definitely a strong building block.

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