Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days off Your Duff {Day 1} - Intro

Get off Your Duff and Live, Now!

Hello everybody! Glad to see you stopping by. I have been wanting to start a blog for the better part of a year, but the thought was always so daunting. Then, when I heard about the 31 Days of Blogging challenge, I thought it would be the perfect incentive!

Everything in this blog, for the month of October, will be about getting up off your duff and doing something! Quit surfing through Pinterest and pinning things to do "later," quit posting to Facebook that you wish you had some food to eat... go do these things now!

These posts will include things like: making your own kale chips, yogurt, brownie fudge; weaning yourself off of commercial products by going no 'poo and washing your face with oil; and some DIY crafts such as creating shoe racks, tea bags - you get the idea!

Be sure to check back every day, give me your thoughts, and visit the other 31 Day bloggers as well!

Links to my 31 Days off Your Duff:

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Day 11 - Tea Week - Sewing Your Own Teabags
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Day 13 - Tea Week - Yixing Clay
Day 14 - Make Your Own Vinaigrette
Day 15 - Make Your Own Energy Bar
Day 16 - Eggnog Pancakes
Day 17 - Squash & Pumpkin Seeds
Day 18 - Do What Makes You Happy
Day 19 - Making Your Own Yogurt
Day 20 - Fudge Brownies
Day 21 - Etching Your Own Designs
Day 22 - An Alternative to Letting Your Child Gorge on Candy
Day 23 - Stuffed Mango Chicken
Day 24 - Yogurt Sandwich
Day 25 - Plan in Advance
Day 26 - Make Your Own Body Scrub
Day 27 - A Berry Cream Treat
Day 28 - Compliment Someone
Day 29 - Lemon Thyme Tequila Sprtizer
Day 30 - Tuna & Apples
Day 31 - Rolling Perfect Pinwheels

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